"Ya But…"

I have always struggled with the idea of writing... I have this insecurity that I'm not a good writer, a fear that someone would read my article and my grammar would be terrible. So because of my fear and insecurity I chose not to write unless someone was going to edit it before it was published which meant I didn't blog. I have always wanted to blog and I have awesome ideas cross my mind for a great blog then the thought pops in my head "Ya but your not a good writer.." So I wouldn't write it or I would but I would save it for myself.

Recently I realized that I was holding myself back because I had allowed that insecurity to run my life. I began to realize that each time I thought "Ya but..." it usually was a teardown thought and most likely from the enemy who was trying to convince me not to do it. I finally realized that if I don't start then I can’t get better which means I will be stuck in the same place I have always been. I can't progress forward unless I take a step, even if it is just a baby step.

So today I decided that I was going to just start... I am not going to allow insecurities and fears to run my life. I'm going to write and work on my writing skills so that one day I will look back hopefully as a better writer and say I'm so glad I started writing... Today I choose that every time I hear or think "Ya but... (Insert belittling negative comment)" I'm going to exchange that thought for "Ya but my God can use me! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

So here's to me starting to write not for any other reason besides that I feel like God asked me to and I am choosing to not let my fears and insecurities control my life.

I pray that you will join me in exchanging your negative "Ya but..." for a God inspired encouraging "Ya but..." and allow God to use you... I pray that you will take a stand against your fears and insecurities and not allow them to control your life. You can do it... Step out and Just Start...

Is there any area in your life that fear and insecurity has held you back? Would you join me in not letting fear and insecurity run your life and step out and just start?

I would love to hear your story about you stepping out! Leave a comment or email me with your thoughts! Look forward to hearing them!

Cheering you on friend!