Pregnant Life | Round 3

Hey Friends! 

I wanted to write a quick blog updating you on my pregnancy and life as a whole! 

We are in a busy season with traveling and getting ready for baby boy to join us this summer!! 

Ethan and I recently returned from Massachusetts, where I was honored to share at CAPTIVATE Women's Conference at Lifesong Church in Sutton, MA. We absolutely fell in love with the pastors David and Ginelle Payne and the entire team! I will share more about our trip very soon! 

We are now gearing up and preparing for Pink Impact here in Fort Worth, TX later this week! BTW... It's not too late to get a ticket! Seriously, please consider joining us! I promise you won't regret it! For more information go to  

Alright now to pregnancy! Being my 3rd pregnancy, I feel like I can honestly say every pregnancy is different! With both my girls I was sick all day every day for the first 14 weeks. This pregnancy I really never got sick except for the one time I had the stomach flu which was miserable! Pregnancy has been good to me. The main thing is I am tired but that could be due to chasing and playing with a 2 and 1 year old all day! I appreciate nap time every single day and the days we miss... well let's just say I'm not as happy! Lol! 

A few weeks ago at our doctor’s appointment we learned that my body has started some signs of pre-term labor. So I am on a relaxed form of bed rest. Which means I had to cancel almost all of my travel and speaking engagements till little man arrives. I was so bummed as I was looking forward to each and every one of them but I know I need to do what is best for my family and this little guy. Both my girls came early so our doctor believes I will have this one early as well but just not too early! Prayerfully! 

For those of you who are coming to Pink Impact... This is one reason I am on the #comfyshoesmovement 😉and a hundred other reasons! Check out my Instagram (@elainecfisher) to learn more and join the movement!

Everyone wants to know if we have a name yet. If you don't know, we named both our girls after they were born. With Adde we had 2 options that we liked but decided after she was born, once we saw her! With Kate we really only had that one option but I'm weird about agreeing to a name until I see them. So with this little guy we have thrown out several names but we are still not truly set on any name! I would like to have a better idea of his name before he comes but I know like always the perfect name will come for him! So we are just waiting! So I promise I'm not holding out on you! Haha! 

Bottom line- pregnancy is pretty great and we are just taking each day at a time! After Pink Impact, I will be able to really start focusing on getting his room all ready and preparing for him! It's funny how each pregnancy I seem to get more and more relaxed on what we need and getting everything ready by a "certain time." Some how I have come to learn how to take care for a baby without all the random things stores tell you are a must. Maybe one day I will write a blog about my favorites and must haves! 

All that to say- all is well here! Just taking it easy and believing little dude will come in God's perfect timing! 

Hope to see you at Pink impact!